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postheadericon How Often Should I Meditate?

When someone first begins to meditate a common question is how regularly they should be doing it. Well, at first, I would recommend meditating once a day at a set time.

When I first starting meditating I did so every night just before my usual bedtime. This provided me with ideal conditions as the house was quiet and it meant that after I had meditated and I felt very relaxed and peaceful I could then go to sleep. I found that after meditating my sleep was much deeper and more fulfilling, plus it had the side benefit of helping me to remember my dreams better. So if you are new to meditating it can be a good idea to mediate once a day just before you go to bed.

Of course, with meditating, there are no hard and fast rules however I always make sure to meditate at least once a day. This helps to keep my ability sharp.

When you become more experienced and learn new meditative exercises you may expand your practice to two, three or even more times a day. The choice is yours, go with what feels right.