postheadericon How To Stay Awake During Meditation

Some people find, particularly if they are new to meditation, that they tend to drift off to sleep while meditating. It’s easy to understand as meditation is extremely relaxing and reminiscent in many ways of the early stages of sleep. Still though, it can be frustrating to be meditating and then wake up realizing you must have fallen asleep. There are ways to avoid this though, here are five ways to avoid falling asleep during meditation.

1. Meditate in the Middle of the Day

If you meditate before you go to bed or as soon as you wake up then you’re already tired and prone to falling asleep.

Instead try meditating at midday when you are most alert. This will also allow to recharge your batteries after a busy morning.

2. Experiment With Different Positions

Rather than choosing a reclining position try a more upright position such as the lotus. As the lotus position requires balance this will stop you from drifting off to sleep.

3. Don’t Meditate in the Bedroom

The mind associates the bedroom with sleep, amongst other things, so if you meditate in the bedroom you’re naturally more likely to fall asleep.

Meditate in different rooms instead like the kitchen where you’re less likely to fall asleep. Even better you could meditate outside if you have a nice garden.

4. Try a Walking Mediation

There are certain kinds of meditation that involve movement, traditional yoga for example. However if you can’t find a suitable yoga class you could just try a walking meditation. There are many different kinds of walking meditations but the easiest is to go for a walk in the park and focus on taking deep breaths at a regular rhythm.

5. Drink Water Before You Meditate

Drinking a cold glass of water will refresh you and waken up your system if you’re feeling drowsy.

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