postheadericon Does Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Work?

Gastric band hypnotherapy is a relatively new hypnotic technique that aims to help people lose weight in a rather unique way. Traditionally clinical hypnotherapists help people lose weight with methods just as increasing exercise motivation and decreasing eating speed. However this method is quite different.

Gastric band hypnotherapy helps a person lose weight by convincing their subconscious mind that they have really had gastric band surgery. A hypnotherapist will typically guide a subject to visualise the procedure as if it is really happening. When the mind visualises something clearly, the subconscious will believe that it has really happened. The subconscious part of the mind is responsible for all our automatic urges, so we feel full much sooner than normal – just like as if we have had actual gastric band surgery.

If you look around the internet there are thousands of very satisfied patients that have lost a lot of weight with gastric band hypnotherapy. They usually are happy for several of these reasons…

  1. They have lost weight quickly and easily.
  2. They have spent far less on the hypnotic procedure than it would have cost on real surgery.
  3. They have managed to avoid the risks associated with surgery.
  4. They have not had to be cut open and so don’t have to take time off from work or families to recover.

If you have difficulties finding a hypnotherapists, or simply don’t want to hire one, then there is an alternative. HypnoBusters have created a gastric band hypnotherapy mp3. It is a very affordable four session audio pack that also contains loads of bonus extras. You can listen to each session as many times as you want, and it costs a traction of the price that it costs to hire a hypnotherapist.

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