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The Meditation Den was created by top UK clinical hypnotherapist Jon Rhodes. Jon is a highly successful clinical hypnotherapist, and is the owner and operator of the much respected hypnotherapy brand HypnoBusters.

Jon has helped thousands of people to improve their lives with his unique and powerful hypnotherapy audio sessions. He also regularly contributes self help articles to various websites across the internet. However Jon also has a passion for meditation, and meditates every day in order to improve his spiritual side, his life and his mind.

Jon has decided to share his passion with you and has created the Meditation Den. An oasis of information and resources about meditation. There are loads of free articles for you to gain extra knowledge about meditation. It is a good idea to bookmark this site in order to read all the information that is here, and to come back for future updates.

Jon has also carefully crafted several meditation audio sessions in order to help you learn and gain experience and improve you as a meditator. Once you have followed these sessions a few times, you will become proficient to do these without the help of audios, should you wish to. They will be in your mind, ready to take with you anywhere you go.

Here are some examples of Jon’s hypnotherapy work…

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