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postheadericon When Is The Best Time To Meditate?

The best time of the day (or night) is to meditate is entirely dependent on your own personal schedule as well as your resonance to that time of the day. Many ardent practitioners of meditation believe that one hour before dawn is the best time to meditate as the air is fresh and you will be welcoming the sun into the sky. However this means waking up at around 5 am most mornings which isn’t a realistic ask for most people.

When I began meditating I first did so at night about thirty minutes before I went to bed. This allowed me to release all negative thoughts and feelings that had built up through the course of day. Soon I added another meditation exercise to my routine after I had woke up which put me in a calm mindset for the day.

If possible I would recommend that you follow a similar pattern, meditating soon after waking and just before you go to bed. However meditation is a deeply personal thing so you may wish to experiment with the time of the day you meditate until you find one that feels right for you.

Once you have found a time (or two, or three, etc) try to meditate at that same time every day so that you can build up a regular routine. Meditation is most definitely strengthened by regularity.