postheadericon What Does Meditation Feel Like?

Answering this question can be difficult as there are many different meditation techniques which result in varying sensations. Also the same form of meditation can result in a different experience for different people.

Generally though meditation is a deeply relaxing experience. Your sense of self-awareness will become much greater, if you’re performing a meditation focusing on you body for example you will be able to think your way around your body and “warm” the area you are focusing on. When you meditate you are very much “in the moment”. If you’ve ever played sports at a competitive level there may have been times when you felt so focused that you were only aware of the actions your were performing (commonly known as being “in the zone”) – meditation is very much like this only your focus is internal.

The feeling of meditation doesn’t end after your session does. You will find with regular meditation that you feel a lot less anxious and more peaceful than before. Many people also find themselves becoming much more accepting of their own flaws as well as those of people they know.

3 Responses to “What Does Meditation Feel Like?”

  • Yes I agree with you completely the opinion regarding meditation varies from person to person but the important thing is that through meditation the person must be benefited in improving the health and fitness. There are different forms of meditation retreats which can be done but I would suggest that it would be beneficial more when done with yoga teacher training.

  • Megann:

    When I was younger I would go in my bed and breathe through my diaphragm, because in music class we were told you will live longer if you do so. I would almost feel as though there was no concept of time and a second could feel like eternity… Then after I would start to panic cause it felt as though my physical being never existed and slowly I would remember my name and hear the television in the living room. After I snapped out of it I would feel very high, I had never smoked marijuana either. By the seventh grade I smoked weed and I was like wait… This is the feeling I used to get…
    So I’m not sure is that meditating?
    I can also do it really easily when I lay and breathe like that to this day just the high feeling after wards isn’t so present.
    Thank you.

  • Hi Megann.

    Yes that does sound like you were having a very deep meditative experience. It sounds like you’re a natural!