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Almost everyone has heard about meditation, but very few actually participate in the practice. Most people simply do not know how to meditate, and don’t really know what exactly what it is. Here we will show you how to meditate, and will try to describe what it is.

Anyone can benefit from the healing powers of meditation. You don’t need to be some spiritual guru to do this, and it doesn’t need to be complicated. You do not need to sit in those complicated yoga positions, unless you really want to. Simple is often better, especially if it encourages you to participate.

Meditation is all about clearing the mind of conscious thoughts. Removing that mental chatter so that your mind is clear. Being able to rest the mind like this is great for both mental and physical health in almost every way imaginable.

It is also great for gaining insight about your own mind, and even generating creative thoughts, as it allows the powerful intuitive subconscious mind to take charge. Your productivity can also soar as your mind becomes less cluttered and more efficient.

There are many methods people use to help them meditate and clear their minds. Some people simply sit in a comfortable position with their eyes closed and think about nothing. However this is not so easy for most people, unless they are quite experienced at meditating.

Many people find something to focus on in order to help them clear their minds.

You may wish to focus on your breathing – breathing slowly and deeply, and concentrate your mind on your breathing.

Some people like to repeat a mantra, either out loud or in their head, over and over again. The mantra can be any words or even a sound. It could be just the word ‘relax’, or the traditional ‘ohhmm’ sound for example.

You can even focus on an object to help you clear your mind. This does not necessarily have to be a religious or spiritual object. Some people like to focus on a flickering candle flame for example. You can even focus on an imagined object or scene.

If you are at first having difficulty, then you may wish to try some guided meditation audio sessions to help get you going. They will talk you through the process of meditation as you are doing it, and will help you to find that inner stillness. Once you have experienced this a few times you will be far more able to do it for yourself in the future.

Like any other skill, your meditation powers can be improved with practice. The more you do it the better and easier it will become.

If you want to experience meditation for yourself right now, then try this quick and simple breathing meditation. If you are having difficulty remembering this, then you may wish to use the video instead. Forward it to the 3 minute mark, and you will get a nice audio guide of the following meditation.


Get yourself comfortable, either led down, or sat up with good posture that you can sustain for some time. And when you are ready, close your eyes.

…All you need to do is focus on your breathing…Breath slowly and deeply…and focus on your breathing…For a few minutes, notice the coolness of the air as it enters your nostrils…and notice how much warmer it feels when you relax and breathe out…

…If at any time your attention wanders…simply refocus again on your breathing…There is no right or wrong…just enjoy the process…

…Any stray thoughts…simply allow them flow through you…as you continue to focus on your breathing…This is your meditation time…and you can deal with these things later…

…To help you focus on your breathing…I would like you to now begin to count your breaths…Once you reach the number 10…start back again at zero…Breathing slowly and deeply…Keep repeating this pattern over and over…for as long as you wish…Enjoy!

2 Responses to “How To Meditate”

  • There are various methods of meditating. As you say, anyone can benefit from the healing powers of meditation. There are techniques for all specific types of meditations. For example, some meditations that help in digestion involve inhaling and exhaling, while contracting and expanding stomach muscles.

  • Many people get all worked up about the “details” of meditation and miss out on the simplicity of it. Just start by closing your eyes and doing nothing. Don’t try to breathe a certain way or recite a mantra, just be in the moment!