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Music can almost instantaneously change ones mood, from listening to slow, melodic tunes and creating a calm and relaxed feel to listening to fast beat music and generating energy and motivation. Meditation itself can also alter ones mood and thus music coupled with meditation can have a dramatic effect. The very essence of specifically designed music for meditation changes ones brainwaves and so changes the state of mind.

There are five main different types of brainwaves each functioning at a different frequency:-

1. Delta waves

Occurring during very deep sleep, delta waves frequency is between 1 and 3 waves per second and also associated with very deep states of meditation.

2. Theta waves

Linked with deep meditation, theta waves develop in the transition between consciousness and sleep. The frequency is between 4 and 8 waves per second.

3. Alpha waves

Alpha waves occur at the beginning of a meditation session as the practitioner begins to relax. The frequency of alpha waves is between 9 and 14 waves per second.

4. Beta waves

The most dominant of the brainwaves and functioning when we are alert, beta waves are responsible for increased energy, motivation and concentration. The frequency of beta waves is between 15 and 30 waves per second.

5. Gamma waves
Gamma waves have the highest frequency at between 30 and 70 waves per second. Functioning at this level stimulates the five senses, namely sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.

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I trained for many years in martial arts, studying Karate and Aikido and later Tai Chi, where I began to study, develop and practice various breathing techniques and working with different energies. I have also practiced Kundalini Maha Yoga, a very powerful form of meditation and now practice different approaches namely ‘concentrative’ and ‘mindfulness’ meditation and different techniques within the two.

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  • I agree with you that music can change somebody’s state of mind. The rest of your article is new information for me, but when I think it over it makes sense to me. One question : is there a reason why you mention these five waves in this particular order? The order : Alpha, beta, gamma, delta will make more sense to me.

    Grtz from The Netherlands