postheadericon 6 Meditation Tips for Beginners

We all know how difficult it can be to meditate, especially if you’re a particularly busy or stressed out person. But whether you’re new to meditating, or if you’ve been having some trouble meditating as of late, here are six tips that will not only help you meditate, but help you feel more relaxed as well:

1. Be consistent

Try scheduling in some meditation time every day, or even twice a day if your schedule permits. Also, try to meditate early in the morning before you have your coffee rather than late at night or after you get off work as you will tend to be in a quieter and more relaxed state of mind. This may mean you’ll have to wake up a half hour earlier just to meditate, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

2. Listen to instructional CDs or podcasts

There are countless CDs and tapes that are available to purchase that can help provide you with a step by-step process on how to meditate, and you can also check out some podcasts that are available on iTunes as well.

3. Focus on different parts of your body

One of the most effective methods in helping with the meditation process is to focus on the various parts of your body, starting with your toes, feet and legs, and then working your focus up to your torso, chest, neck and forehead.

4. Stretch before meditating

Before you start meditating each day try to stretch beforehand to help loosen your muscles and tendons before you sit for a long period of time. This will force both your body and your mind to become more relaxed and thus make the meditation process incredibly easier.

5. Focus on your breath whenever you get frustrated

If you find yourself starting to get irritable and frustrated when you’re trying to meditate, then be sure to bring your focus back to your breathing to help you feel more centered.

6. Listen to music

Try listening to some relaxing, soothing music, or you can even try listening to your favorite band or musician. You can search around online or in a music store for CDs that play sound of nature, or you can even try listening to some classical and/or instrumental as well. If you’re going to listen to a song by your favorite band or artist, then try not to pick a song that is too upbeat and heavy and pick something that is more relaxing and mellow instead.

2 Responses to “6 Meditation Tips for Beginners”

  • Nice intro to great ways to help include meditation in daily life. Hard to tell people how to include it everyday, yet the guidance was consice, simple and a great way to effectively prepare for greater practice!

    Thanks again,

  • I wanted to start meditation for a few weeks now.. I think it will help me out and relieve me from my stress.. thanks for these wonderful tips.. keep up the good work.. 🙂